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This data is gathered solely to ensure that the website is functioning properly and navigable. Why we not collect any data for commercial purposes nor to identify the user, which remains so anonymous.
Information of this type are present in special log and may not be disclosed to the court, in the cases provided for by legge.a

What are Cookies
Cookies are pieces of information exchanged between the server and Ville Toscana your computer and allow the creation of statistics on areas of the site visited by the user anonymously.
The collected data is then read in the aggregate to understand the efficiency of the site and the level of sailing experience.
Cookies used then do not contain any personal information about users.
Most of the browser is able to detect new cookies and to request acceptance or less.
If you have set your browser to not accept cookies interaction with the site could be difficult.

What cookies we use and why
For the measurement of the navigation data use cookies to Google Analytics

Cookie of the Social Network
Some pages on the website are the share buttons on major Social Network: in this case cookies generated belong to the Social Network selected from time to time.

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