The project involves the construction of 13 cottages, divided into two buildings respectively 6 and 7 independent residential units, for a total gross floor area of over 1,500 square meters. Today starts the realization of the first six units upstream.

Each cottage is set over two floors raised above the level of the street and respectively dedicated to living and sleeping areas; it is accessed by staircase whose sides are two parking spaces for housing, one covered and one protected by arbour. The project of the two cottages and related urbanization has taken particular care to their integration environment and integration with the existing context, suggesting a completion of the village through the choice of coating materials and external details and colours. The cottages are characterized by the attention to architectural and constructive aspects and for the medium-high level of details. The private gardens and areas that will be allocated to public green (upstream and downstream of the intervention) have had special attention to make them ideal places for moments of leisure, relax and socialization. The area is located on the sidelines and in continuity of the historic village of Caldana, near the primary school.

The south exposition allows the view of a beautiful landscape, with Vetulonia in the foreground and the countryside in the background. In fact, this place is known as "the Garden" by locals : always sunny area covered with olive trees, which is reached from the road coming "Vecchia Aurelia" without entering the town (although directly connected with the Historical Center).